Current projects
Reworking of industrial-port structures bound to the reception of the nuclear attack submarines Barracuda and Ruby in the East zone Missiessy of the naval base of Toulon Batch „19” Masking

Scope of work: fabrication and delivery of the bearing races and mobile buildings in amounts of above 1100t.
Realization time: start July 2017,
finish June 2018.

Ring road of Strzyzow City within the Road no 988

Scope of works: participation in the consortium, and acting as general contractor for the task of building a more than six kilometres long city ring road, according to the rule “design and build”. In this scope of works are 25 engineering objects: five bridges (three bridges over the River Wislok, one over the River Stobnica and one over the Stream Różanka), road viaducts and culverts.
Realization time: start January 2017,
finish October 2019.