According to the entry in Commercial Registry, objective of Company’s activity is the economic activity on its own account and as an agency, in the area of Poland and outside, on international constructions in conformity with the European Activity Classification.

Mostostal Kielce S.A. makes use of its strong points, which constitute an element of advantage over the competitors. What has to be mentioned is: work is realised in compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 systems; fact that the implementation of the ISO 18001 standard is in progress; significant experience in the area of realisation and assembly of various types of steel structures and assembly of technological facilities, especially for the cement industry and environmental protection.

Our mission is to satisfy the demand for high quality services in the area of construction and industrial investments in accordance with Jack Walch’es idea “If you can’t become number one or two, just leave it “.

Our basic goal is to satisfy the demand for high quality services in the domain of construction and industrial investments.

Mostostal Kielce S.A. perpetually aspires to realise and assemble steel structures in accordance with the expectations of Buyers and keep the climate of trust and reliance in relations with our customers based on high quality, competitive price and punctuality of delivery.


  • Skeleton (columnar-beam, lattice construction, plate girder and pipe)
  • Shell (chimneys, reservoirs/tanks and channels)
  • Structural
  • Bridges, overbridges and footbridges
  • Industrial installations
  • Ecological emission control installations
  • Components of machines and industrial installations / devices


  • Highway bridges, railway bridges and pedestrian footbridges
  • Chimneys, cylindrical and spherical reservoirs, ground- or tower-based
  • Pipelines and dedusting channels/ducts, rectangular and round
  • Antenna towers and telecommunications masts
  • Halls and buildings
  • Estacades and technological foot-bridges
  • Isolation, light encasement and external facades


  • Cement-lime industry (furnace lines, heat exchangers, coolers , raw material mills, feeding stations, dust elevators and other installations)
  • Power industry (power boilers, electrofilters, emission control installations)
  • Environmental protection (desulfurisation and denitration of emissions, waste incinerators, sewage treatment plants)
  • Machine and metallurgic industry (automotive factories, airfield hangars, iron foundries, rolling mills)
  • Mining industry (strip mining and coal mining facilities)
  • Other plants and industrial buildings


  • Dismantling, renovations and modernisation of objects and industrial installations
  • Transport-crane services
  • Welding services
  • Anti-corrosive services : stream-abrasive cleaning and hydrodynamic painting of steel constructions
  • Flame-protective painting of steel structures