References: Bridges

Construction and extension of the provincial road 682 Łapy – Markowszczyzna
Expansion of the county road No 1405R Zarzecze – Siedliska consisting in the demolition of the existing bridge and construction of a new bridge over the river Wislok with access roads and the necessary facilities
Construction of the „Arsenalsteg” viaduct in the area of the main railway station in Vienna
Construction of the „Buddenacker” bridge within the A40 Dortmund Ost – Dortmund Unna, Germany
Reconstruction of the county road No 2271D Osiecznica – motorway junction (Luboszów) A-18 – border of the county (Rudawica)
Construction of the road bridge over the river Tanew in Ulanów at 8+540 km point
Construction of a footbridge between Campus Solna and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden
Construction of the road bridge over the river Ołobok within the provincial road No. 276 Krosno Odrzańskie – Świebodzin, m. Prze-tocznica
Construction works on railway lines No. 140, 148, 157, 159, 173, 689, 691 the section Chybie – Żory – Rybnik – Nędza / Turze
Construction of the Hafenmund bridge along Uferstraße in the city Gelsenkirchen , Germa-ny
Construction of provincial road No. 835 Lublin – Przeworsk – Grabownica Starzeńska, section from junction A4 “Przeworsk” to DK94 “Gwizdaj”
Construction and extension of provincial road No. 676 together with road engineering facilities and necessary technical infrastructure on the section Białystok – Supraśl with the bypass of the municipality Ogrodniczki and Krasne
Reconstruction of the road bridge over the river Wisłok within the county road No. 1930 R Żarnowa – Glinik Zaborowski in Zaborów at km 5+308
Construction of the ring railway of Warsaw (section Warszawa Gołąbki/Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Gdańska)
Construction of the S-8 express road, section Radziejowice – Przeszkoda
Construction of the S-5 express road Poznań – Wrocław, section Poznań (A2) – Wronczyn
Construction of the S-7 express road, section Chęciny – Jędrzejów
Construction of a pedestrian bridge in Punaauia on the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia
Ring road of Suwałki City within the Expressway No. 61 of the 12,8 km length
Recontruction of the provincial road No 872 section Łoniów – Nisko with the bridge in Przyszów over the river Łęg at 50+567 point